Chandler's family is grateful for the care she received at UNC.

Chandler’s Story

Chandler is sometimes asked about the "mark” on her neck. Her parents call it a blessing, a reminder of the life-saving care she received at UNC.

Cynthia A. Reilly, CPNP

Cynthia A. Reilly, MS, CPNP

Tracheostomy Specialist

Tracheostomy care.

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Urgent referrals should be made directly to the on-call physician of in the Division of Pediatric Pulmonology or Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery through the UNC Consultation Center at 800-862-6264 or via the hospital operator at 984-974-1000

All other referrals can call the UNC Children’s Airway Center at 919-843-6858 to coordinate a referral. Faxed referrals can be sent to 919-966-6179 Attn: UNC Children’s Airway Center.

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If you have questions about your child's appointments, need to reschedule, or want a referral, please contact the N.C. Children's Airway Center's administrative coordinator, Mandy Gee, at 919-843-6858.

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