Dentistry just for kids!

Pediatric Dentistry

Keeping your child’s teeth, gums and mouth healthy makes eating and speaking easier, helps prevent pain, and lets him or her smile confidently. That’s why UNC Children’s offers comprehensive dental and orthodontic care for infants through adolescents, including youths with disabilities, through the UNC School of Dentistry.

Your Provider

Your Dental Care Provider

Make an appointment for your child with:

  • Dentists who teach at UNC School of Dentistry (UNC Dental Faculty Practice)
  • Dental students who are closely supervised by UNC School of Dentistry faculty members

Our recently renovated pediatric dental clinics are housed on the second floor of Brauer Hall on the University of North Carolina campus, near UNC Medical Center. If your child receives care in the student clinics, you’ll pay about one-third the cost of care at a private dental practice.

What We Treat

Oral Health Conditions We Treat

At UNC, you’ll get a diagnosis and treatment for many oral health conditions children experience, such as:

  • Canker sores – Tiny ulcers in the mouth lasting one or two weeks
  • Dental injuries – Chipped, dislodged or knocked-out teeth • Gum disease (gingivitis) – Red, swollen gums or bleeding after flossing
  • Malocclusion – Bite that doesn’t meet correctly
  • Over-retained baby teeth – Primary teeth still in place when a permanent tooth tries to grow in
  • Sensitive teeth – Discomfort caused by hot or cold foods
  • Tooth decay (cavities) – Tiny holes in your teeth
  • Tooth grinding – Clenching the jaw and teeth

Devices & Services

Dental Devices & Services for Your Child

Choose UNC for all of your child’s dental health needs, including:

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery – Treatment of bone, skin and muscles in the jaw, mouth and face
  • Orthodontics o Braces – Brackets and wire affixed to teeth to make them align correctly o Headgear – An appliance attached to braces to treat severe bite problems o Retainers – Devices that hold teeth in place after braces are removed
  • Preventive oral health care – Twice-a-year dental checkups and cleanings
  • Sealants – Thin coatings painted on the top of teeth, usually the back teeth, to prevent tooth decay
  • Space maintainers – Devices that keep space open for permanent teeth to grow in after a baby tooth is lost early
  • Tooth restoration
    • Fillings – Special material that fills gaps created by cavities
    • Crowns – Caps that protect weak teeth or restore broken teeth
    • Bridges – False teeth that bridge the gap between missing teeth
    • Implants – Artificial tooth roots that anchor replacement teeth
  • Wisdom teeth removal – Extraction of the third set of molars

We’ll help your child feel as secure and comfortable as possible during each visit.

Spanish Interpreter Services

If you or your child speaks primarily Spanish, ask about our certified Spanish-speaking interpreter. The interpreter can attend your child’s appointment to help your family communicate with your dental health care provider.

Request an Appointment

To request an appointment for your child at UNC School of Dentistry, call 919-537-3956. For appointments in Spanish, please call 919-537-3790.

Find out how you can care for your baby or toddler’s teeth, mouth and gums.

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