Pediatric Diabetes Clinic Team

When you choose UNC Children’s for pediatric diabetes care, you’ll become part of a team working together to manage your child’s diabetes. We provide care for children and adolescents with diabetes from birth through college. You and your child are the most important members of the team.

The rest of your team at UNC includes:

  • Pediatric endocrinologists - physicians specialized in caring for children with diabetes and other hormone-related disorders. Our providers have been formally trained to care for children with diabetes and are certified by the American Board of Pediatrics
  • Certified diabetes educator (CDE) and specialized diabetes nurses – Educate and support children and families affected by diabetes
  • Dietitian – Provides nutritional advice to help you manage your child’s diabetes
  • Child psychologist - Helps children and families cope with stress or other emotional issues
  • Diabetes case manager and counselor (social worker) – Connects you with community resources and services
  • Other pediatric specialists as needed

Care Close to Home

Find pediatric endocrinology care close to home. We offer services at two convenient locations in the Triangle:

Contact Us

Call us at 984-974-1401 to make an appointment with one of UNC Children's endocrinology and diabetes specialists.

More Than Just Patient Care

Learn how our pediatric endocrinology team advances UNC Children’s important research and medical education missions.

Living life to the fullest

Dane was just an infant when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes—among the youngest diabetic children his pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Nina Jain, has ever treated. Now a thriving 4-year-old, Dane doesn’t let his diagnosis define him or deter him from childhood’s greatest pursuits. More >>

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