New Infusion Center Updates and Guidance

Change can be difficult, and you may be anxious about going to a new location and getting your infusion in Raleigh instead of Chapel Hill.

You may also be nervous about having new nurses care for you when you get your infusion.

Some of the nurses from Chapel Hill also go to Raleigh so you will see some familiar faces. Second, the nurses in the infusion room that you don’t know have the same training as the ones in Chapel Hill regarding putting in your IV and taking care of you while you are getting your infusion.

You may also be worried about catching coronavirus when you come for your infusion. Many precautions are being taken to ensure you stay healthy when you get your infusion.

  • All staff are wearing a mask.
  • Each patient is allowed to have only one adult parent or guardian with them, and no siblings are allowed at this time.
  • You will be checked immediately upon entering the building before heading to the infusion area. This includes getting your temperature taken. You will be given a mask to wear until you leave the clinic at the end of the infusion.
  • Patients/parents do not need to wear gloves, but you are welcome to bring your own. Hand sanitizer is readily available in each patient bay.
  • The infusion room in Raleigh is larger than in Chapel Hill so there is room for social distancing between patients. There are curtains between patients that are always closed and a curtain in the front that can also be closed.
  • The chair and area around it where you get your infusion will have been thoroughly wiped down prior to your visit.

Watch this video to learn about how Laurel, one of our IBD patients, prepared for her infusion and what it was like to visit the new infusion center.

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