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Primary Care at UNC Children's

Newborn Medicine

Newborn Medicine cares for newborns, mothers, and families at the Women's Hospital. We use a team-based approach to care that includes physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers, nurses, and students. Our family-friendly rooming-in system allows babies to stay in the room with their mothers. Infants are primarily located on floors 5W, but can also be on 3W or 4W. If the infant isn't quite ready to go home, they may stay in the nurseries located on these floors, even after the mother is discharged from the hospital. 

In addition to a family-oriented setting for birth, the systems of care for newborns meet the highest quality standards. In June 2016, the UNC Newborn service and NC Women’s Hospital received Safe Sleep designation from the state. We previously achieved Baby-Friendly designation which affirms our work to maximize breastfeeding and other infant-friendly practices.

The newborn medicine team has also embraced high-quality, standardized care. We currently have guidelines to assure quality care with late preterm infants, those with initial low blood sugars, risk for infection, and newborns whose mothers used opiates or other pharmaceuticals during pregnancy. Current research projects in the Newborn Medicine team include studying the effects of neonatal abstinence syndrome and the motivations of parents who do not allow Vitamin K injection. 

Finally, Newborn Medicine provides education opportunities for medical students, residents, and other health professional students in newborn issues. The experience is highly valued and structured to maximize continuity.