Imaging is an important part of diagnostic care.

Imaging & Radiology

Related to the use of imaging technology such as X-ray, ultrasound, computerized tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to diagnose and treat disease.


The Department of Radiology's Pediatric Imaging Section provides a wide range of services from diagnostic exams (e.g., plain films, fluoroscopies, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRIs) to biopsies and aspirations. The department's pediatric specialists use state-of-the art, low-dose radiation equipment, which is upgraded on a continuous basis. Visit the UNC Department of Radiology's Web site to learn more.

Special Services

The Pediatric Imaging Section works in close collaboration with anesthesiologists specialty-trained in pediatric anesthesia care to provide anesthesia and sedation for diagnostic testing (e.g., MRIs, CT scans, endoscopies, etc.) when necessary.

Contact Information

PHONE (pediatric radiology receptionist): (919) 966-1058
PHONE (appointments): (919) 966-1884
FAX: (919) 843-2900

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