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Toni Darville, MD

Chief, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Vice Chair of Research, Dept. of Pediatrics
Scientific Director, Children’s Research Institute
Co-Director, UNC MD-PhD Program
The Floyd W. Denny, Jr., M.D. Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics

Pelvic inflammatory disease; innate and adaptive immune responses; Chlamydia epidemiology

I conduct basic and translational research on the immunopathogenesis of Chlamydia trachomatis female genital tract infection. My aim is to increase understanding of genital tract disease due to C. trachomatis, with the ultimate goal being to improve treatment and preventatives to advance the reproductive health of women worldwide. I am very passionate about mentoring young clinician scientists and trainees and act in several leadership roles at UNC. These include Vice Chair of Research in the Department of Pediatrics, Scientific Director of the Children’s Research Institute and Co-Director of the MD-PhD training program.

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Thomas Belhorn, MD, PhD

Thomas Belhorn, MD, PhD

Director, UNC Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship
Director, UNC Pediatric and Adolescent HIV Program
Professor of Pediatrics

Recurrent or serious infections / fever; general pediatric infectious diseases; HIV; medical education.

Currently I oversee all outpatient pediatric ID clinics and also frequently see children admitted to UNC Hospitals with challenging infections. I enjoy the opportunities to assist with the diagnosis and management of a child’s infections as well as to help parents and children gain a greater understanding of their illness. I direct the UNC Pediatric and Adolescent HIV Program, which provides care for infants, children and adolescents who are HIV-infected or HIV-exposed. My other passion is medical education; I teach throughout the medical school and I serve as director of the Pediatric Infectious Disease fellowship program. My research interests mainly focus on HIV quality improvement and medical education.

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Zachary Willis, MD, MPH

Zachary Willis, MD, MPH

Director, Pediatric Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Antimicrobial stewardship; antimicrobial-resistant organisms and complications; outcome improvement.

Antibiotics are life-saving medications, but overuse of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic-resistant infections. My primary research focus is on antibiotic stewardship and prevention of antibiotic resistance. As the director of the pediatric antimicrobial stewardship program, I work with colleagues in Adult Infectious Diseases and the Department of Pharmacy to optimize antibiotic use and prevent antibiotic resistance in the Children’s Hospital. I also conduct research aimed at preventing overuse of antibiotics in the pediatric outpatient setting.

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Research Faculty


  • Peyton Thompson, MD

Lab Staff

  • John Allen, IV
  • Jenna Girardi

Administrative Staff

  • Ward Jarvis, Division Administrator
  • Lori Slack, Contracts and Grants

Social Worker

  • Laura Gallaher, LCSW
  • Mary McLees-Lane, LCSW

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