Mental health care is a family approach.

Mental Health

Related to mental stability and emotional well-being. Example conditions include a variety anxiety, behavioral and mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder and depression.


The Department of Psychiatry provides consultation services to the Department of Pediatrics on the inpatient pediatric units and in the outpatient pediatric clinics. Child psychologists and psychiatrists work closely with pediatricians, social workers, nurses, recreation therapists, teachers and other disciplines in the evaluation and treatment of children and adolescents. They commonly see children and adolescents who have problems with mood, anxiety, attention, behavior or adjustment to illness.

Psychologists from the Department of Psychiatry's Child Psychiatry Division also assist in referrals for more in-depth outpatient or inpatient psychiatric care.

Learn more by visiting the child and adolescent psychiatry page on the UNC Department of Psychiatry's Web site.

Contact Information

PHONE (general information and appointments): 984-974-2199
FAX: 919-843-6102

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