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UNC Children’s Primary Care Clinic
1512 E. Franklin Street, Suite 100
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

PHONE: 984-974-6669
FAX: 984-974-9609

The GPAM team in February 2019

General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Clinical Sections

Outpatient Pediatrics Section

Michael J. Steiner, MD, MPH
Chief, Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
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Research Profile

Primary Care Tyrone Bristol, MD, MPH^, Wilson, Manager *, Crabtree RN, Liu MD, Emily Vander Schaaf, MD, MPH, Moau AA, Williams AA

Global Health Tisugane Mvalo

Gynocology Diane M. Howell, MD *

CC/Diagnostic Neal deJong, MD^, Maria E. Diaz-Gonzalez de Ferris, MD, MPH, PhD, Madlyn Morreale, MPH, JD*, Heide Tkach

Adolescent: Martha Perry, MD

LMB Frye LCSW, Herman Naftel, MD, Susan Smith MS, Margot Stein, PhD

Continuity Clinic Martha Perry, MD^, Benjamin Butler, Manager, Kristin Campbell AA*, Darragh Davis*, Kori Flower, MD, MS, MPH, Anne Griffith CST*, Cathy Holland AA*, Jennifer Jones RN*, Katherine Jordan, Alison Kavanaugh, MD, Gregory D. Randolph, MD, MPH, Marsha Ray RN*, Elizabeth Rhodes NA*, Kendra Stewart AA*, Lisa Sullivan RN*, Rebecca Wellborn RN*, Karen Wysocki MEd

Other Heredia

Child Maltreatment Section - Molly C. Berkoff, MD, MPH+

Eval Clinic Sarah Kirk MSW, Jessica Hord MSW, Samantha Schilling, MD, MSHP, Desmond Runyan

Inpatient Kendra Stewart, Holly Warner FNP, Adam Zolotor, MD, PhD *

CMEP Deb Flowers NP^, Gina Cochrane, Stacey Craven MSW, Mark Everson PHD*, Shona Hang MPH, Megan Shanahan PhD*, Alessandra Stachowski

Hospital Pediatric Section - Lindsay Chase+

NBN Alison Sweeney^, Lizzie Burch MSW*,
Jamie Haushalter, PNP
, Lara Reller NP, Carl Seashore, MD, Ashley Wallace NP

Night Sarah Adams, MD, Ashmita Chattergee, Jennifer Vincent, MD

PAC Ashley Sutton, MD^

Inpatient Kathleen K. Bradford, MD, Brian T. Bramson, MD, Julie S. Byerley, MD, MPH, Contarino*, Patrick Conway*, Jonathan Heath, Ria Dancel, MD*, E. Allen Liles, MD, Richard Hobbs, MD*, Kenya McNeal-Trice, MD, Will Rearick*, Williams*, John Stephens, MD, Eric Zwemer, MD

WTC/CM/SW Daniels NP, Cuthriell RN*, Garner NP, Brown MSW*, Farr, MSW, Benefeld MSW

Research Programs

All faculty, Shona Hang MPH, Colin Orr, MD, Skyler McLaurin-Jiang, Victor Ritter, Jason Fine PHD

Education Programs

Kenya McNeal-Trice, MD + All faculty, Alison Carroll, Hannah Coletti, Joanna Hales, Iglesia, Adrianna Cline

Administration and Support

Michael J. Steiner, MD, MPH+, Britt Mann+, Marva Atkins, Shelby Long

Names generally appear only once, through all engages in >1 area. * Denotes primary department is not Pediatrics, + denotes section/program head.

The UNC Children's Primary Care Clinic was made possible by a generous gift from the Carolina For The Kids Foundation.

Our clinic

To better serve your family, the UNC Children's Primary Care clinic at 1512 E. Franklin Street, Suite 100, in Chapel Hill offers easy access and FREE parking. Made possible through the generosity of Carolina For The Kids! Learn more >>

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