Primary Care at UNC Children's

Outpatient Pediatrics Section

Section Director: Martha Perry, MD, MPH

UNC Children’s Primary Care Clinic. This resident-training clinic provides high quality primary care to children while also training the next generation of pediatricians. For appointments, call 984-974-6669. Fax 984-974-9609.

UNC Pediatrics at Panther Creek. This clinic provides primary care in a community setting. It combines the operational expertise of the UNC Physician Network Practices with faculty physician providers. For appointments, call 984-215-4550. Fax 984-215-4551.

UNC Adolescent Medicine Clinic. This clinic provides specialized services to adolescents and young adults. For appointments, call 984-974-6669. Fax 984-974-9609.

UNC Complex Care Program. This clinic provides care and coordination of services to children with complex medical conditions and special needs. For appointments, call 984-974-1401. Fax number is 919-966-3852

UNC Diagnostic Clinics. These clinics accept referrals for second-opinions or management of undiagnosed conditions. In addition, these clinics help children and families transition from the hospital back to home, do circumcisions and preoperative evaluations.

The UNC diagnostic clinics are located at:

UNC Learning and Mental/Behavioral Health Clinics. We do psychoeducational testing and learning evaluations. Additionally, this clinic provides psychiatric and behavioral services in a combined child psychiatry-pediatrics visit. We have numerous providers who work in Raleigh and Chapel Hill. For appointments, call 919-966-0377. Fax number for referrals is 919-966-3852

The Child Maltreatment Program. Led by Dr. Molly Berkoff, this program provides direct patient care and overall administration of the N.C. Child Medical Evaluation Program (CMEP). We are a statewide network of medical and mental health clinicians who evaluate children for abuse and/or neglect. We provide treatment recommendations, ensuring child safety and well-being in the inpatient areas, Emergency Department and at the Child Medical Evaluation Program in all affiliated UNC clinics. For appointments call 984-974-0470, Fax number 984-974-0875. Phone consultation is available to medical providers by contacting the Carolina Consultation Center at the following number 1-800-862-6264.

The UNC Child Maltreatment Program ties directly to the Beacon Child and Family Program, a UNC Health Care System’s program to provide inpatient and outpatient assessments when there are concerns about family violence, including child abuse and neglect. Outpatient appointments are scheduled in the Child Evaluation Clinic by the Beacon Child and Family Program at (919) 966-9314 Fax 984-974-0875.

The UNC Children's Primary Care Clinic was made possible by a generous gift from the Carolina For The Kids Foundation.

Our clinic

To better serve your family, the UNC Children's Primary Care clinic at 1512 E. Franklin Street, Suite 100, in Chapel Hill offers easy access and FREE parking. Made possible through the generosity of Carolina For The Kids! Learn more >>

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