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Whitney Adams

Whitney Adams, CCLS

Stacie Anderson LRT/CTRS

Stacie Anderson, LRT/CTRS


Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark, MHA, CCLS, LRT/CTRS

Annabella Cole

Annabella Cole, CCLS, LRT/CTRS

Henry DeArcia

Henry DeArcia, CCLS

Mary-Claire Derrickson

Mary-Claire Derrickson, CCLS, CEIM

Meagan Fox

Meghan Fox, CCLS, LRT/CTRS

Molly Spragins

Jordan Horn, MS, CCLS


Jordan Hulliger

Jordan Hulliger, CCLS

Gina Messer

Ginna Messer, CCLS, LRT/CTRS

Hanna Mixon

Hanna Mixon, CCLS, LRT/CTRS

Molly Spragins

Taylor Potts, BS, CCLS


Sarah Savage

Sarah Savage, CCLS

Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith, MT-BC, CCLS

Molly Spragins

Molly Spragins, CCLS

Aspen Yordy

Aspen Yordy, MS, CCLS

Where We Are

We work throughout the N.C. Children’s Hospital on all floors. Our office can be reached at 984-974-8872.

Toy Donations: We are always in need of toys and other supplies to be able to serve our patients. You can help by browsing our Amazon Wish List for Child Life activities. All items will go into immediate use to help children adjust and cope with their hospitalization. If you have any questions about gifts-in-kind or would like a receipt for your gift, please contact Becky Batts at