Child Life specialists ensure the well-being of our patients.

What to Bring for a Hospital Stay

  • A favorite toy, stuffed animal, blanket or other comforting items
  • A pillow or sheets/pillowcase from home may be brought as desired
  • Pajamas, slippers, regular clothes
  • Pictures of friends, family members, and pets
  • Things to do such as books or magazines, schoolwork, art activities
  • Favorite snacks or foods
  • Electronics of choice such as tablets, handheld gaming systems or larger systems that can be connected to the TV in the hospital room (such as Xbox or PlayStation)
  • DVDs (Each room is equipped with a DVD player and there will be a selection of DVDs available on the units.)
  • Charging cords for electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets

Where We Are

We work throughout the N.C. Children’s Hospital on all floors. Our office can be reached at 984-974-8872.

Toy Donations: We are always in need of toys and other supplies to be able to serve our patients. You can help by browsing our Amazon Wish List for Child Life activities. All items will go into immediate use to help children adjust and cope with their hospitalization. If you have any questions about gifts-in-kind or would like a receipt for your gift, please contact Becky Batts at