Children's Outpatient Center

North Carolina Children's Hospital provides comprehensive pediatric services in its Children’s Outpatient Center located on the ground floor of the Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill. The outpatient clinics offer pediatric subspecialty and primary care and are dedicated exclusively to caring for children's health care needs.


Most of the clinicians in the Department of Pediatrics see children "by referral" in our outpatient clinics. This means that, in most cases, the patient's pediatrician or family physician usually will schedule the first appointment for a patient visit to an outpatient clinic at the NC Children's Hospital. However, some of the clinics can be contacted directly to schedule an appointment.

If a child has an appointment scheduled with one of the outpatient clinics, and you need to make a change or ask a question – or you need to schedule an appointment – please contact the clinic directly.

Pediatric Clinics

Here is a list of the divisions within the Department of Pediatrics that have clinics. Click the links to find contact phone numbers, more information about their clinics or an appointment for treatment within their pediatric specialty.

View a complete list and descriptions of our pediatric specialties.

What to Take to an Appointment

When going for an appointment with a member of the UNC medical team, it is always helpful for the patient to take the following:

  • UNC medical record card (for patients coming for a first time visit, the clinic will direct you where to go to get a UNC card).
  • Health insurance information.
  • Medical records (or arrange for the physician who referred you to send the records in advance of your appointment) and any other materials (such as x-rays) that might be important for your child's evaluation.