Floors 5CH, 6CH & 7CH:

Free Meal Services:

  1. Family Meals:
  • Schedule:
    • Monday: Family Lunch 12:00 pm in the Ronald McDonald Family Room 7CH
    • Tuesday: Parent’s Night Out 5:00 pm in Conference Room 6CH
    • Thursday: Family Pizza Dinner 5:00 pm in the Ronald McDonald Family Room 7CH
    • Friday: Family Brunch 11:30-12:30 in the Family Resource Room 7CH

2. Nursing Mother Trays:

  • Call Restaurant Delivery Services at (984) 974-1278.

 3. Ronald McDonald Family Room:

  • Light meals and snacks available
  • Location: 7CH
  • Schedule: (Hours subject to volunteer availability)
    • Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm
    • Friday 9am-6pm
    • Saturday 9am -3pm
    • Sunday 10am- 4pm

4. Community Partner Meals:

  • See your nurse for any additional times and locations.


Discounted Meal Services:

  1. Freedom Pay- These discount cards are sold at any of the cafeteria cashiers. The freedom pay card provides a 20% discount off of meals at the UNC Hospital Cafeteria locations and Starbucks: Please include the chart from the NCCC Parent information folder on pg. 17

Other Meal Options:

  1. A Patient’s individual meals may be ordered from his/her room by calling Restaurant delivery services at (984) 974-1278. Some meal options are available 24 hours a day (see Restaurant Delivery Menu).  Family members may order a guest tray at a cost of $8.60 per tray. All meals ordered for family members other than nursing mothers must be paid for using a debit/credit card when they are ordered.

Personal Care/Hygiene:

            Family and Guest Showers:

  1. Patient Families may shower in the patient’s room.
  2. Additional shower locations: 2nd floor of Neurosciences Hospital
  3. Toiletries and Linens:  See your nursing staff. (Welcome bags containing toiletries are distributed to families.  Please ask the nursing staff where to locate linens on the floor.)

Laundry Services:

  1. Locations:
  • 2nd floor Children’s by the PICU
  • 3rd floor N.C. Women’s Hospital in the Antepartum Unit
  • 1st floor Medical School Wing D behind UNC Hospital

Lactation Services:


  • Contact a consultant by calling (984) 974-8019.


   Rooming In Options:

  1. There is one recliner/sleep chair located in each patient room to accommodate one adult staying overnight.
  2.  The unit is open to parents 24 hours a day, except when certain procedures are being performed.


   Ronald McDonald House:

  1. All new patient’s families must be referred by the nursing staff in order to be eligible for services through The Ronald McDonald House. Subsequent visits may be arranged between the patient family and RMH.
  2. Information about the resources provided by The Ronald McDonald House can be found at http:rmh-chapelhill.org or by calling (919)913-2043.

Local Hotel Accommodations:

  1. MedStay:
  • MedStay is a free concierge service that can assist in finding the right hotel for your needs at the lowest cost.
  • Contact: (877) 633-7829


            Parking Passes:

  1. Volunteer Services provides a very limited supply of parking passes for the parking garage.  Please see your nurse for more information.
  2. S11 Manning Parking lot-
  • Cost: one week passes can be purchased for $10 from the parking attendant.  Only one book can be issued per patient per week.
  • Location:
    • Exit the Hospital and head towards Manning Dr.
    •  Make a left on Manning Dr. 
    • Go to the second entrance to Skipper Bowles Dr and make a right. Skipper Bowles Dr. has two entrances from Manning Dr.  Cross over the first and go to the second entrance.  You will have to pass through one intersection before you reach the second entrance.
    •  The parking lot will be on your left hand side.  Follow the link for visual directions. (Please insert a link for the parking lot maps.)
    • Hospital Shuttles are provided from this lot.
  1. Daily parking pass for the garage:
  • Cost: $10
  • Location: Directly across the street from the hospital on Manning Dr.
  • Valet Services in the smaller brick building in front of the Children’s Hospital. 
  • The Daily Parking Pass allows you to come in and out of the parking deck an unlimited amount of times during 1 calendar day.

Maps: (I would love to see a GPS map of the hospital created for this section.  However if this is not possible, please include an interactive map with the Café locations, Family resource rooms on each floor, The Ronald McDonald Family Room, laundry facilities mentioned parking facilities, playrooms, gardens and chapels, and parking lots/garages. )

Entertainment and Relaxation:

Playrooms: (All patients must receive a green off the unit pass from their nurse to use the playrooms and Look Out Terrace.  Patients under protective precautions or bone marrow transplant patients are not permitted to play.  Burn patients must have a physician’s order to be able to use the space.)

  1. Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundations Robbie Page Play Atrium:
  • Location: 7Ch
  • Hours of operation:
    • Mondays-Fridays: 11-12n/2-4pm/6-7pm
    • Saturdays & Sundays: 2-4 pm
    • Includes: board games, video games, arts & Crafts, role playing and sports related games.
    • The Ice-o-lation rink is available for patients on protective or contact precautions who have obtained prior permission from the Play Atrium Supervisor.
  1. Charles Goren Music Room
  • Location: 7Ch
  • Hours of operation: see your nurse
  • Includes: CD and Karaoke machine, a teaching keyboard, digital and conga drums, guitars and rhythmic instruments and game systems for music-related games
  1. Alan Davis Stiles, MD, Lookout Terrace: (All patients must receive a sunshine sticker from their nurse in order to use the Lookout Terrace)
  • Location: 7CH
  • Hours of operation: see your nurse
  • Includes outdoor climbing and seating areas that represent NC’s natural features.
  1. Jason Clark Teen Activity Center (patients must be 13 years of age or older to visit the Teen Lounge.  Parents may only visit this space while accompanying their child. Patients 10 years of age or older may visit the game room )
  • Location: 7CH
  • Hours of operation: see your nurse
  • Includes a kitchen that can be used with staff supervision, flat screen TV, computers with internet access and board games. An additional game room includes a basketball pop-a-shot game, pool table, air hockey table, bike racer and various game systems.
  1. Art heels:  This service provides Arts and Crafts for patients in the pediatric rooms.
  • Location:  In the patients room
  • Hours of operation:  This service rotates around the floors daily during the late morning and throughout the afternoon.


  1. Ronald McDonald Family Room:
  • Light meals and snacks available
  • Location: 7CH
  • Schedule: (Hours subject to volunteer availability)
    • Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm
    • Friday 9am-6pm
    • Saturday 9am -3pm
    • Sunday 10am- 4pm

2. The Walking Labyrinth:

  • Location: Outside the Cancer Hospital, one floor below the Starbucks.

3. The Butterfly Garden:

  • Location: Ground Floor Lobby of The Children’s Hospital

4. Additional Garden:

  • Location: Ground Floor adjacent to the Women’s Hospital Lobby

Outdoor Patio:

  • Location: Ground Floor adjacent to Starbucks between Neurosciences and Cancer Hospitals

Chaplain Support and Worship Services/Meditation

         Chaplain Support:   Patients and families can contact the chaplain directly or, if they prefer, can ask a nurse or any member of the medical team to do so on their behalf.

  • Ask your nurse or contact Hadley Kifner to request Chaplain Support. 
    • Chaplains are available 24/7 for emotional and/or spiritual support, prayer, a listening ear, bereavement support, and to provide a non-anxious presence.
    • Email:  Hadley.Kifner@unchealth.unc.edu
    • Phone Number: 984-974-0217
    • Pager: 919-347-0331
    • On-call chaplain:
      • Telephone: 984-974-4021
      • Pager: 919-123-3288
      • Your child’s nurse can assist you in calling the on-call Chaplain.


Chapels and Meditation Spaces: All spaces are open to people of all faith traditions.  All Chapel spaces are open 24/7.  There are print-outs of weekly prayers and hard copies of sacred texts from various denominations and religious groups available upon request.

  1. Broyhill Children’s Chapel:
  • Location: Ground floor of N.C. Memorial Hospital next to the Cranberry Corner gift shop

2. John M. Reeves All-Faiths Chapel:

  • Location: First floor of N.C. Memorial Hospital, just past the Pastoral Care Office
  • Christian Worship Services: Sundays at 10:30 am.  The service can be viewed in all inpatient rooms on channel 7
  • Muslim Prayer Service: Fridays at 2 pm

3. Burn Chapel:

  • Location: 4th floor of N.C. Memorial Hospital, just outside of the N.C. Jaycee Burn Center

4. Cancer Chapel and Meditation Room:

  • Location: Ground Floor of N.C. Memorial Hospital, just past the Resource information Center

5. The Walking Labyrinth:

  • Location: Outside the Cancer Hospital, one floor below the Starbucks.


Sibling Support: (visitation and participation in activities may be limited for siblings 11 and under while the hospital is under flu restrictions.  The nursing staff will let you know if and when these restrictions will apply.  In addition, all siblings must be screened by the nursing staff and given a blue clearance sticker to visit all playrooms.)


  • All siblings are welcome in the playrooms as long as the patient is not on contact, droplet, enteric or airborne precautions.  Visitors of pediatric patients who have been cleared by your nurse and given the appropriate blue sticker may visit the playroom and Lookout Terrace.

Quiet Spaces for Homework:

  • Siblings are permitted to use the library in the hospital school to work on schoolwork during school hours

     Sibling Support Discussion Checklist:

In our commitment to providing patient and family centered care, we recognize that a child’s hospitalization affects the whole family, including other siblings or young relatives.   The following are recommendations for supporting the other children in your family during this time:

  • Children will experience a range of emotions about the hospitalization of a loved one.  Children need to know that it is okay to feel these things.
  • Offer age/developmentally appropriate, honest information about why the patient is in the hospital and encourage them to ask questions.
  • Maintain home/school routines as much as possible.
  • Provide special time/attention for the child(ren) at home.  If you can, arrange for a family member or friend to sit with the patient so you can go spend time with the other child(ren).
  • When visiting the patient is an option, offer that as a choice.
  • When visiting is not an option, suggest other ways that the child can be involved (writing letters, drawing pictures, calling on the phone, video-calling, etc…)
  • Seek support from other family and friends for you and your child(ren).  If you need help with supports, check with your bedside nurse, child life specialist, or other members of your team to find out what resources are available.

Additional Hospital Resources:

Special Activities:

  • Free Infant CPR Class:
    • Schedule: Twice a month (contact Karen Hogan at (984)974-8019).
    • Location: 4Ch in the NCCC Classroom
    • From time to time community partners will host special activities for patients and families in various locations.  Please refer to the Family Activity Calendar on your floor for a schedule of dates and times.

Parent Resource Rooms:

  • Location: 7Ch
  • Contains:
    • Informational materials
    • Computers & printers for parent use

Social Services:

1. Early Intervention: 

  • Provides a full developmental evaluation that is free of cost to families for children ages birth to three.
  • If eligible for the program (based on results of evaluation or diagnosis), coordination of therapies and services is also offered.
  • Contact your local Children’s Developmental Services Agency to refer your child (http://www.beearly.nc.gov/index.php/contact/cdsa).

2. Care Coordination for Children (CC4C): 

  • This program provides care management services for children ages birth to five to who have special needs or who are at risk.
  • Ask your UNC Hospitals care manager for a referral.

3. Medicaid Transportation:

  • This program assists in providing transportation to medical appointments for Medicaid recipients. If your child is enrolled in Medicaid, call your local Department of Social Services to learn more about what Medicaid Transportation offers in your county and how to enroll your child.
  • Contact Information: https://dma.ncdhhs.gov/contact

4. Medicaid and Healthchoice:

  • These are both programs that pay for some or all of the cost of healthcare. Several types of Medicaid exist and Healthchoice is a similar program with higher income limits for eligibility.
  • Call or visit your local Department of Social Services to gather additional information about these services and find out if your child might be eligible. https://dma.ncdhhs.gov/contact

5. Social Security:

  • This program provides income to children and families of children who have physical or mental condition(s) that very seriously limits his or her activities, has last for or is expected to last for at least a year or result in death, and who have limited resources and income per Social Security’s eligibility criteria.
    • Call 800-772-1213 or visit your local Social Security Administration to initiate an application.

6. Women, Infants, and Children (WIC):

  • This Program provides healthful foods and/or formula as well as breastfeeding support to pregnant women, women who have given birth in the past 6 months, and children up to 5 who meet WIC’s income guidelines. 
  • Contact your local WIC office to refer yourself and/or your child http://www.nutritionnc.com/wic/director.htm.

7. Head Start/Early Head Start:

  • This program provides learning and development services to children ages birth to 4 who meet income guidelines.
  • Call 1-866-763-6481 to find your local Head Start program and learn how to apply.