Hospital School

If your child’s illness or injury necessitates an extended absence from school, the UNC Hospital School will help him or her to continue studies while recovering. The UNC Hospital School, a part of Chapel Hill-Carrborro City Schools, was North Carolina’s first accredited pre-kindergarten through 12th grade (PK-12) hospital school and has grown from a staff of two serving approximately 50 patients annually to a staff of 16 serving more than 2,000 students each year.

Hospital School teachers and support staff will collaborate with your child’s local school and teachers to help him or her keep up with their studies during hospital stays and provide a smooth transition back to school.

Teaching Facilities

The pediatric component of the UNC Hospital School is located on the seventh floor of the Children’s Hospital, and there is a separate psychiatric component is located on the second floor of the Neurosciences Hospital. Both locations offer classrooms, offices, and a media center or computer lab, but despite these well-appointed physical spaces where patients can "go to school," teachers most often take school the student instead, working at the bedside or on the inpatient units anywhere at UNC Medical Center, including the burn center in the Memorial Hospital.

Easing the Return to School

When your child is ready to return to school, you’ll find the resources and support needed to make the transition as easy and positive as possible. Each child’s reentry is unique and takes into consideration your child’s injury, age, personality, school and more, and you’ll work with a Hospital School teacher, medical staff, and aftercare staff to create a reentry plan for your child. The Hospital School teacher will share the plan with your child’s school, and we’ll provide information to your family and to your child’s school staff regarding student needs and what to expect. And we’re available for additional school support for as long as you child needs us!