Eric Montross Father's Day Basketball Camp

Eric Montross supports UNC Children's!The Eric Montross Father’s Day Basketball Camp has raised more than $1,000,000 to support North Carolina Children’s Hospital. That’s one MILLION dollars and 21 years of giving dads and their kids a unique weekend experience in Chapel Hill.

In 2013, the camp implemented the “$5 Free Throw Challenge”, a competition among dads and kids akin to “Jump Rope for Heart” and other pledge-drives. The challenge raised several thousand additional dollars for camp, and the money is continuing to come in!

The tradition continued on June 16-17, 2017, as dads and kids learned skills on and off the court that will make for yet another unforgettable camp experience and raise even more money to support the children and families at N.C. Children’s Hospital.

About Camp

Typically held on the Friday and Saturday of Father’s Day weekend, the Eric Montross Father’s Day Basketball Camp provides a unique opportunity for dads and their children to share quality time together while working as a team. Fathers learn how to better coach their children while they both practice, play and compete in contests. Children interact with their fathers to develop basketball skills and build character that will make them winners for life. This special weekend incorporates all of this, while teaching the importance of helping others. 100% of the proceeds from camp benefit N.C. Children’s Hospital.

Camp is for children ages 7-13. The cost to attend is $500 for a dad and one child, and $200 for each additional child.


In the fall of 1993, Eric Montross befriended Jason Clark, a young patient battling cancer at N.C. Children's Hospital. The initial visits Eric made as a UNC basketball player soon evolved into weekly visits from a true friend.

Jason lost his battle with cancer after a 9-month fight. Shortly before his passing, he was asked what the new children’s hospital should look like to make it more “child-friendly.”…Jason wrote three pages. As a tribute, his family and friends established the Jason Clark Memorial Fund to make Jason’s dreams a reality.

Eric and Laura Montross started the Father’s Day Basketball Camp to honor Jason and to help raise funds to carry out his wishes for the new hospital. The camp is used as a year-round fundraising vehicle to continue turning new ideas like Jason's into reality.

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Montross CampDue to the program popularity, we have a waiting list for new campers. It is our goal to provide all of our participants with the most enjoyable experience possible. Part of this is providing individualized attention in a family-friendly and safe environment. To accept participants beyond our capacity would detract from the camp experience and potentially jeopardize the controlled and manageable environment that we have worked so diligently to achieve.

The growing interest in our camp lets us know that we are meeting expectations, an accomplishment that makes us proud. It also reflects a commitment far more significant than basketball or a camp. It reflects our community’s commitment to supporting N.C. Children’s Hospital and the 70,000 children treated at the hospital each year. Thank you!

To enter your name on the waitlist, please visit and click on “About the Camp.” Your name will remain on the waitlist from year to year until you have been called into camp or have aged out of eligibility.

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