Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a fundraising event?
A fundraising event is an activity or social function that is planned and executed in its entirety by a member of the community with the purpose of raising money for UNC Children’s. Fundraising events include activities such as art sales, walks and runs, bake sales, restaurant percent nights, dinners and more.

Does my organization need to be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit to host a fundraising event?
Absolutely not! Anyone can host a fundraising event with UNC Children’s with our approval. If you are currently with an organization that claims 501(c)(3) status, we will need to discuss in advance how you plan to handle the money in order to determine appropriate receipting.

How so I submit my fundraiser for approval and when will I know if it is approved?
If you decide to join us and host a fundraising event, you must fill out an application. Most of our fundraising events are approved within five business days. You will be notified of your event’s approval status via the email you provided in your application.

Is my event sponsored by UNC Children’s?
Technically, no. We are not a sponsor of your event, we are the beneficiary. When listing our relationship on any flyers or other materials we should be referenced as the beneficiary only by terms such as “EVENT NAME, “benefiting UNC Children’s” or similar wording.

Will UNC Children’s help me plan and promote my event?
Our events team will be able to provide guidelines and advice for best practices, but we aren’t able to manage any aspect of your event for you. We recommend that you form a committee that can provide support during your planning and throughout the event. events. Please refer to the guidelines document within the Toolkit to see what UNC Children’s can do for your event!

Can I use UNC Children’s tax identification number?
No. Unfortunately, we cannot extend our tax-exempt status to you for any purpose (discounts, donor information, etc). If a donor requires proof of our tax-exempt status we will be happy to communicate with them directly.

Are there guidelines regarding soliciting sponsorships and in-kind donations?
Yes. Over the years, UNC Children’s has developed relationships with several area businesses and vendors and we need to take great care to foster these relationships in order to continue our own operations. To avoid duplicate solicitations, we ask that you notify our office before asking a business or vendor for any kind of sponsorship, donation or in-kind gift. Please do not promise charitable tax receipts to these companies before speaking with us.

Does UNC Children’s provide event or liability insurance for my fundraiser?
Because UNC Children’s is the beneficiary and has no direct involvement with running the fundraiser, we cannot provide any type of insurance for your event. You are responsible for obtaining any required permits, approvals and certificates that may apply to your event.

Can UNC Children’s issue gift receipts to my donors for tax purposes?
Contact us well in advance of your event to discuss this topic. We cannot provide gift receipts for non-gift transactions such as ticket sales, purchases of t-shirts or goods, raffle tickets, auction items, etc. For contributions made via check that qualify as charitable donations, we may be able to provide receipts. We will need to discuss in detail before your event.

Note about tax deductions: Only if your contributions qualify as charitable tax-deductions (just donations, no ticket proceeds, auction proceeds, sale of goods, etc) are you permitted to send in multiple checks directly from your donors made out to UNC Children’s. You must contact our office in advance to discuss this process. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot offer tax credit for donations of cash. Please contact us in advance with any questions.

Does UNC Children’s accept toys, games, books, DVDs and other items as donations?
N.C. Children’s Hospital does accept some new toys, books, games and DVDs for children of all ages. However, our critical need lies in monetary funding. Should you choose to do a toy/book drive instead of a fundraising event, please contact Becky Batts (919-843-0416) to discuss the details of your donation and restrictions on certain items.