Promise Grants

Promise Grants provide needed services to UNC Children's.

Promise Grants: Promises Fulfilled

Because they can be flexibly directed to where the need is greatest, unrestricted gifts are invaluable in helping UNC Children's "bridge the gap" when clinical revenues fall short of providing for specific programmatic needs within the Children's Hospital. Here are a few examples of the "promises fulfilled" through Promise Grants last year:

  • Expressive Photography
    Recreational therapy was awarded a grant to purchase digital cameras and related equipment for an adolescent support group. Teenage cancer patients use of photography as an expressive and therapeutic means of coping with their illness.
  • Indirect Ophthmaloscope
    This specialized device with built-in camera, used to screen for retinopathy of prematurity, allows the entire NICU care team and parents see inside a newborns eyes along with the ophthalmologist, enabling them to understand exactly what the consulting ophthalmologist sees, how the disease progresses and how treatment decisions are made.
  • Virtual Reality as Distraction
    The purchase of iGlasses and iPads facilitates multi-sensory distraction for children and adolescents during specific treatments and procedures.